About Us


The Prepared with Purpose difference…we emphasize quality above all else. Every ingredient is chosen and sourced purposefully, so you can be sure that you’re doing the best for your body (organic) and the best for your community (local) with each meal. It’s quality that you can taste.

We provide a more personal, luxury experience than “those other guys”. Your membership comes with a 15-minute consultation with Chef Joann.  As a private chef and caterer, Chef Joann creates flavorful meals incorporating the perfect mix of health, creativity and kick! All of the food is designed to give your body the nutrients it needs to thrive, based on a diet that is free of grains, gluten, legumes, dairy, added sugars, soy and alcohol. This keeps you lean, energized and strong. Clients pick from a range of delicious menu options, with new recipes introduced regularly, that are delivered right to their doorstep each week. No shopping. No chopping. Just simply reheat your Paleo, Whole 30-approved meal in minutes.



The Prepared With Purpose Philosophy is based on five simple ideas we believe are the core of delivering the best possible meals to our clients.


We source only the highest quality meats, fish, and eggs. Most of which have an animal welfare rating of 4 or 5. That means that they are concerned with not only the welfare of the consumer, but also the welfare and quality of life of the animals that they raise. We also only use fresh, wild-caught fish.


Pesticides aren’t good for anyone. We use organic produce sourced locally as often as possible to ensure optimal freshness, seasonality and quality. This means that we are supporting the local economy, getting extremely fresh fruits and vegetables, and the produce tastes amazing because it is in season.


Low carbohydrates, adequate protein and lots of healthy fats! We believe that when our diet is comprised of clean animal proteins, fresh produce, and healthy fats, our body functions optimally. Chef Joann designs each meal for an active individual, which includes six ounces of protein (raw weight) and at least a cup and a half of vegetables.  Every ingredient used is free of alcohol, gluten, soy, dairy, grains, GMOs, added sugars, and artificial sweetener. So if you’re following a Primal, Paleo or Whole30 style diet, this service is perfect for you.


Prepared With Purpose uses glass containers for several reasons. Glass does not contain the harmful chemicals found in plastics and disposables that can get into your food. It is also easy to reheat meals in glass containers using an oven instead of using a microwave, giving our clients the option to use the heating method they prefer. Lastly, it is better for the environment because glass containers can be reused instead of ending up at the landfill after a single use. Each week you simply leave your clean glassware, stacked, with the lids detached to prevent condensation, on your doorstep in your reusable Prepared with Purpose bag.


Rather than using vague phrases like “all natural” or “organic when available” we believe that being proactive about carefully sourcing our ingredients and transparent about telling you where they come from is the best practice. We are committed to ensuring you, the client, knows exactly where every ingredient comes from. You have the right to know what you are putting in your body and each meal you order, is crafted with utmost care, purpose and transparency.

Currently we purchase all of our grass fed beef from Eel River Ranch in southern California. It’s organic, 100% grass fed and finished. Our lamb is grass-fed lamb from New Zealand. Our pork is from homestead ranch, via whole foods market. Our chicken is Mary’s Organic Chicken. Our turkey is organic diestel farms turkey. Our eggs are vital farms pastured eggs.

We use non-gmo verified, first press, cold-pressed avocado oil for our high heat cooking and for making our mayonnaise. We also use organic extra virgin coconut oil and occasionally organic grass fed ghee (clarified butter). We only use organic  olive oil for finishing dishes and for dressings. We never use canola oil or any other industrial pressed seed oils. The fats listed above are the only kinds we use.



Joann Stabile is the Founder and Executive Chef of Prepared With Purpose. She is a graduate of the prestigious California Culinary Academy Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco. Joann is a clean eating enthusiast and has personally seen the benefits and results with her own body after a decade of struggling with her weight and overall health. She has more than 21 years of experience in the kitchen and has been on the forefront of the clean eating movement, having been a special dietary needs event caterer and private chef for the last 10 years.


Prepared With Purpose employs a team of talented and creative chefs and cooks that share Joann Stabile’s goal of providing whole foods based nutrition to the masses.